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NOUVEAU - Bergamot Amber™, Large Jar Candle

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Blue amber and oak with a vibrant burst of citrus. A fragrance derived from exotic florals and fruits, rare herbs, blended with warm, rich vanilla and patchouli.

THE ARTIST: Gustav Klimt

THE PAINTING: Church in Cassone, 1913; a painting of  blues, greens and dapples of light rust.  This piece is rich with texture and a pattern of deep green cypress trees and pastel stone buildings. This piece is famous for having been stolen on the way to safe storage during the annexation of Austria, 1938.  Once rediscovered, Sothoby's sold it in 2010 for an impressive, £27 million.

Product Details

Burn Time: 135-155 hours

Wax Info: Soy Blend

Wicks: Single wick - 100% lead-free

Produced: Proudly Made in the USA

Formula: Made with Advanced Fragrance Technology, Highly Scented, Clean burning

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