Candleberry’s strong scents, whether fresh from the oven or fresh from nature, are the essence of what we do. Candleberry puts more fragrance in its candles in order to fill your home with an aroma that transforms your space through comforting, exciting, and inviting scents.


Our company was founded on the basis of family – of celebrating the changing of seasons and memories together. Our candles reflect the traditions and gatherings of loved ones: special recipes, scents that fill our homes during the holidays, reflections and emotions, all of which mean so much more than just a candle. We’ve taken our time in finding scents that convey these feelings in a fragrance that will find a place in both your home and your heart.


It didn’t take long for Candleberry Room Sprays to become Candleberry classics. These fragrances, which are available in beautifully designed 6 oz. containers, were originally offered in just a few of our favorite scents, but the collection’s success has already prompted additions. Please let us know if there are other Candleberry scents that you would like to experience in spray form.

Latest News

AWWW, Shucks!

Posted by lisav on April 10, 2014

As a celebration of the coming of Spring, we’re offering 20% off any of our Spring Beans candles.  Some of us came from families where shucky beans (also called leather britches) were a tradition.  If you wanted to have shucky beans in the fall, you had to get started on them in the spring.