Candleberry Candles Wholesale

2024 Market Show Dates

Come see us at a market show this year!

  • January 9-16: Dallas
  • January 16-22: Atlanta
  • March 4-6: Atlanta
  • March 19-22: Dallas
  • June 19-25: Dallas
  • July 16-22: Atlanta
  • September 16-18: Atlanta
  • September 17-19: Dallas
  • November 6-9: Gatlinburg

Sell Candleberry® in Your Store

We are so very excited that you are interested in selling Candleberry® Candles and other Candleberry® brands in your retail establishment!  Before we are able to offer wholesale information, we ask that you complete a customer application. 

Please select from the links below to either fill out the application online or to print and email. 

USA - Complete Online 


Print Application, THEN Email 



Candleberry® Brands International Wholesale program continues to grow substantially, repeatedly developing a strong, loyal following in all international distribution locations.  To apply to sell any Candleberry® Brand in your non-US retail establishment, please choose one of the options below.  You may either complete your application online or print and return via email.


When filling out the application, make sure to fill it out in its entirety and select all brands you are interested in selling.  Once we process your application, we will contact you with further information.  Please understand that we get many applications, so it could take up to 10 business days to process.

Success with our Products

Most retailers already know what great sellers Candleberry® products are. Candleberry® Candles fragrant melting tarts, room air fresheners and other products are of such quality and are so distinctive, you know you can trust your reputation to them. You may not be aware that corporate America has long trusted their own brands to the Candleberry® reputation.

Famous Brands by Candleberry

Kentucky Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey distillers, including Wild Turkey®, Jim Beam®, Jack Daniels®, Woodinville Whiskey Co.®, Four Roses® and Buffalo Trace®, among others, have commissioned Candleberry® to produce scented candles reflecting their brands, which are sold in company gift stores, online and as corporate gifts. Food manufacturers such as Bush Beans® have done the same with more and more private label companies commissioning candles and fragrances each year. Candleberry® is pleased to have a role in building a growing number of iconic trademarks throughout the world.