Refunds, Returns & Exchanges

Candleberry refunds/returns/exchanges are processed online. You may begin that process by inputting your order number and email address, phone number or zip code. (email to request your order number if necessary)

Unused Candleberry products in their original condition and in season, may be returned or exchanged within 90 days, with the exception of our giant, 4-wick Cookie Jar Candle (every Cookie Jar Candle is custom made when you order). Some returns and exchanges will qualify for a free, prepaid return label (see below).

If you are missing a product(s) do not use the online return/exchange process. Instead, please contact us at We will process your issue by checking the original shipment weight(s) and if, in fact, you are missing a product or products, we will promptly ship it/them. You must contact us within 15 days after your order states it has been delivered. 

Products used less than 50%, if deemed faulty, may also be returned or exchanged, within 90 days, after a manual review and approval by Candleberry. These require image uploading during the online process and, if approved, qualify for a free prepaid return label.

Products that are over 50% used cannot be returned or exchanged through our online portal. Please contact If your product is deemed faulty after 50% of use, you will receive a replacement product similar to the volume left in your current product or a store credit.

Candles used on warmers cannot be returned or exchanged. Candleberry manufactures candles for burning. Because warmers burn fragrance out of the candle all at a much higher rate than burning, we cannot guarantee the product once it has been used on a warmer.


1. You received the wrong product (contact us within 15 days or delivery)
  • You will receive an automated, prepaid return shipping label. Once your product is delivered to Candleberry, your correct product will be issued. If you are in a circumstance to show that the product has been shipped out, we will immediately ship your new product without waiting for the exchanged product to arrive. 
  • Although it is not common, if you choose, you may opt to return it for a refund instead of exchanging it for the product you originally ordered.
2. Your product was damaged during delivery (contact us within 10 days of delivery - images will be requested) Please do not throw your product away until you have talked to someone from our support team. 
  • For suspected glass breakage, do not open or handle glass. (images will be requested - if broken glass boxes are unopened, you may upload images of the box instead of the product)
  • During hot summer months, it is important to consider shipping your product(s) to a location where the package can be accepted and brought inside within a reasonable amount of time so they do not melt due to a lack of attention given to your delivery, at the delivery location. 
3. Faulty product (images will be requested)
  • If a "faulty product" is not approved for a free return due to user error, over 50% product use or non-faulty product, you will still have an opportunity to return or exchange your unused product by self-paid return label (see below).


1. Unused product returns for all other reasons

If your product has not been used, is in original condition, is in season and was purchased within the last 90 days you may return or exchange it/them for any reason. If you are not returning or exchanging for any of the reasons above, you will be directed to provide your own return shipping label, during the online return/exchange process and send to the address below.

2. Return that was not accepted for a free return label

If you have changed your mind and simply wish to make a return, as long as you have not placed your candle on a warmer or used more than 50% of your product, you can return these items at the address listed below. Please be sure to wrap them well to prevent breakage. Once we receive your return, we will promptly provide an exchange or store credit.

Return address:
The Candleberry Candle Company
Returns Department
1150 Chenault Rd
Frankfort, KY 40601


  1. A picture of the product barcode.
  2. A picture of the product warning label.
  3. A picture of the top of the product, shot from above (if returning or exchanging a candle, this will be a picture with the lid off, clearly showing the wick)


1. Pack your order for shipping 
  • All items should be packed for return in the original packaging, if possible. If that isn't possible, it is very important that you package your item(s) in a sturdy box with at least two inches of tightly packed, thick cushioning around the product, so no breakage occurs during the return shipping process.
  • Examples of proper packing material for glass products: 2-3 layers of bubble wrap, thick or stiff, crushed paper packed tightly around the product, product packed tightly with foam packing- "peanuts" or biodegradable packing-"peanuts". We recommend acquiring these materials at any office supply store, a big-brand shipping store, Walmart or similar store.
  • Examples of improper packing material for glass products: used, warped, thin or compromised boxes, thin layers of newspaper, crumbled newspaper or newspaper wrapped in thin layers, tissue paper, thin or popped bubble wrap, old rags or an improper amount of proper packing materials (less than 2" thick around the product).
2. Include your printed order inside your return box
  • You will have an opportunity to print your return/exchange process email to include in your returning package
3. Candleberry issues the Refund or Exchange
  • If you have requested a refund, once your unused item has reached Candleberry in its original condition, a refund will be issued to the payment method used to make the original purchase. 
  • If you have requested an exchange, your exchange will be processed as soon as possible and you will receive your new product, shipped by Candleberry, via FedEx or USPS. 
  • If you are returning items that have been partially used, we will issue a store credit to you. 


If you received your package and your product was broken or damaged, please email with a picture of the damaged product and the box it came in. We will send you a replacement. This must be done within 15 days of receiving your product