Candleberry’s practice of hand-making its candles is focused on sustainability and respect for the environment.

Our candles are handcrafted:

Hand-crafted with care, love, and minimizing our environmental footprint—your candle, our commitment.
All are small-batch candles, made with a focus on sustainability and a big heart for the environment.


Soy Wax: The sustainably sourced soy wax we use for a cleaner burn of our candle is produced from US grown soybeans only. We can access and verify certificates of analysis of the soy at any time.


Recyclable/Compostable materials: We use materials that can be easily recycled or composted--glass jars, cardboard boxes, and paper labels. Our wicks are cotton, with no metal cores.
Shipping containers: A majority of our shipping containers are made from recycled materials.
Minimal & Reusable: We avoid excess packaging, and the containers are reusable.


Energy Efficiency: Our candle handcrafting method minimizes large-scale energy consumption compared to mass-production processes and thereby avoids the consumption of scarce resources.
Waste Reduction: We reprocess scrap items that result from our candle-making processes and we have training programs to ensure minimal waste in our handcrafting procedures to leave a smaller footprint.

Further work:

Future Goals: We are working to reduce our packaging processes even further, so fewer materials are needed to get our product to customers safely and as soon as possible.