Heritage and Vision

Highly scented long lasting candles that burn clean.


Candleberry’s vision is to craft the highest quality candles, with fragrances designed to celebrate special times, enjoying coffee and gourmet scents, fragrances coupled with beautiful art or appreciating fine Kentucky Bourbon aromas.

The first Candleberry candles were made in 1997 and sold in the Family store. Few of those candle-making methods developed by the family have changed. Our candles are still handmade, each different from the next.

Candleberry’s heritage has always been rooted in Kentucky’s central “Bluegrass”, home of the best Bourbons since the 18th century. This led to the first developments of fragrances of the home—decadent and foody—the “Reminiscent” selection of scents which are the heart and soul of the Company. Such fragrances have the strongest memories of life at home, baking and cooking, foods customers love, and special holiday meals and parties, and other family gatherings.

 Our mission continues to be customer service, product quality, and sharing the enjoyment of an excellent fragrance with as many candle aficionados as possible.