December 20, 2022

Candles & Coffee: Pour-Over 101

Candles & Coffee: Pour-Over 101 - The Candleberry® Candle Company

Candles & Coffee: Pour-Over 101 

If you’re a coffee lover, you know there’s nothing quite like the warm scented aromas that fill the corners of a bustling coffee shop. Recreate that same comforting oasis in your home this holiday season by brewing your favorite cup of coffee and lighting one of our new Gourmet Coffee Shoppe Collection Candles. 

Today we’re lighting one of our favorite candles from the Gourmet Coffee Shoppe collection, Caramel Latte, while we brew a fresh batch of pour-over coffee. Talk about the perfect combo for a chilly fall morning! 

If you’ve never dabbled in pour-over coffee, we urge you to give it a try the next time you’re thinking about switching up your normal coffee routine. Keep reading to learn the easy steps it takes to brew the perfect batch of pour-over coffee at home. 


6 tablespoons whole coffee beans 

5 cups water


Kitchen scale 

Cheney or other pour-over device with a carafe 

Paper filters 

Coffee grinder 


Step 1: Bring 5 cups of water to just under a boil in a kettle or on your stovetop.

Step 2: Coarsely grind 6 tablespoons of whole coffee beans  

Step 3: Line the dripper with a paper filter, and rinse with a small pour of warm water. Empty the carafe. 

Step 4: Add the beans to the lined dripper. Tap lightly, to make sure all the beans are level. 

Step 5: Insert the dripper into the carafe, and place the entire apparatus on top of a digital scale. (Make sure to tare your scale —you want it ro read “zero pounds” with your carafe on top.) 

Step 6: Start a timer! Slowly pour the hot water over the beans for about 15 seconds. Stop when your scale reads 150 grams. Pause, letting coffee drip through, approximately 30 more seconds. 

Step 7: When the timer reads 45 seconds, start your second pour. Go in circles, making sure the water hits darker spots. Stop when the scale reads 450 grams, and let the water drip. 

Step 8: At 1 minute 45 seconds, it's time for your third and final pour. Slowly add 2 ½ cups of water to the dripper. Let it drip through. 

Step 9: When your timer hits 4 minutes, the coffee is ready! Remove the dripper and filter, and give the carafe a swirl. 

Grab your favorite seasonal mug, fill it up, and enjoy! 


New Gourmet Coffee Shoppe Candle - Caramel Latte, By Candleberry Candles