Waffle Cone™, Large Jar Candle

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As always I love my shirt! Great service!


This has an excellent throw and a true baked waffle and vanilla scent. It really fills my whole house and makes me crave a waffle cone.

Delicious Warm Waffles

This smells like the buttery waffle cones in an upscale ice cream shop, when you walk in and the cone is just coming off of the waffle iron. Then you let it cool and ask for it to be filled with French vanilla ice cream. Delicious! It fills up my large living room and I love it.

Hi Shari,

Thank you so much for this incredible detailed review. You described this fragrance perfectly and we're thrilled you love it!

Delicious yummy scent

I’m super impressed by the warm, delicious throw this candle has. If you love warm, vanilla baked scents, you have to try this. I can smell this through the whole house. It really smells like a delicious warm waffle cone. Definitely one I will be repurchasing. Would love to have this in an air freshener for the car!

Thanks again!!

Rindy Harrison
Great throw

This candle smells divine! Vanilla, baked goods and a fairly strong amount of a very rich, dark vanilla. Luscious if you like a baked goods smell. The throw on this is amazing. 10 out of 10. With 30 minutes of lighting, I could smell this in my living room (where it is). 45 minutes later, my whole house smells! Burns even, nice wick, no soot, and the smell lasts even after you snuff it! Its a hit. I just discovered this brand. This is only my second candle and I am so happy about the throw these candles have. Tennessee Whiskey is good too. Another 10 on the throw. Enjoy!

Thank you so much for the detailed review Rindy! It is our ultimate daily goal to make sure every candle we make offers the experience that you have described here. Thanks again!