NOUVEAU™ - Hot Maple Toddy™ Garden, Large Jar Candle

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Customer Reviews

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Must Reorder!

I’m a Hot Maple Toddy fan. It’s the scent that introduced me to Candleberry. Now there’s a “garden” version? Although unsure, the reviews convinced me. I’m happy that they did. I should have bought two! Even my husband’s reaction was great as he walked in the door: Oh I like that! What IS that?! As hub describes: It’s comfort in a jar. If you like the original Hot Maple Toddy, try to place it with a warm vanilla base. Or just buy one for yourself before I buy stock :) Those big ‘ol cookie jar candles? Fingers crossed that Santa brings one of those!

Holly Grimsman
You just can't go wrong with this one!

Just like my title say! You can't go wrong! It has those scents in it that everyone loves! I even know men that come here just to buy this scent for their apartments or house. In fact, this is the first out of a few that I've purchased that I have actually kept for myself because I've had people offer me $ to take my other ones. Lol.


It’s spring and summer in a jar