Bourbon Roasted Pecans™, Small Jar Candle

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Customer Reviews

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This candle smells amazing! I am absolutely in love with scent. I burned this candle to nothing and I didn’t know there was an actual website to order more, as I got this candle at a thrift store and been hooked ever since. I get a mixture smell of maple, waffles and bourbon but it’s a sweet cream smell. It’s just amazing!


A new one for me but amazing mix of scents!

My favorite candle company!

I found your candle in Mount Dora FL many years ago . I’ve been a customer ever since . My house is very open and large on the first floor and your candles fragrance the whole area . They don’t bother my asthma either as some candles do . When company comes they usually remark and want to buy one too! Hot maple toddy and sugar cookie are my favorites but I’ve tried many kinds and loved them !!! I’ve tried so many candles over the years but yours remain my favorite !

Edited review

I guess you did not post my first review because it was not positive but I have changed my mind and like it more now that I have given it time.
At first I could not detect much of a throw but now I do smell the buttery notes listed.

changed my life tbh

I just bought the full-size of this one, but this one has fewer reviews and was technically the first one I tried, so Imma rep it. My fiance bought me this candle after coming across it in a tiny shop in Mt. Dora, FL, where the smell permeated the entire building. Got it home, and I basically burned it non-stop. It smells like the best buttery dessert one could ask for, and as one who loves their gourmands.... I'm living for it. You want this candle. I've still got half left and it's being relocated to the bedroom so that, too, can smell like it's been hosed down with butter bourbon goodness.

Hi Aly,
Thank you so much for taking time to leave an awesome 5-Star review! We're so happy you are enjoying Bourbon Roasted Pecans in your home. We agree, it really does smell like the best buttery dessert :) You should try Honey Buttered Rolls or Praline Dreams next :)