January 25, 2024

Vanilla Sweet Cream Recipe

Vanilla Sweet Cream Recipe

We all love our Starbucks coffee, but we don’t think anyone loves how expensive it can to purchase it every day! One day after lighting our Candleberry Confectio candle, we were inspired to make a sweet little somethin’ somethin’ to put in our coffee. We have found the perfect recipe for that “Vanilla Sweet Cream” that is sweet, simple, and turns any cup of coffee into a delightful treat!

​​Ingredients for Vanilla Sweet Cream
1 cup heavy cream

4 Tbsp homemade Vanilla Syrup (see below for recipe) 

Ingredients for homemade Vanilla Syrup 

1 cup sugar

1 cup water

1 1/2 Tbsp vanilla extract)

*Bring water to a rolling boil and slowly stir in sugar and vanilla extract until it dissolves. 

This vanilla sweet cream can be stored in a mason jar with a lid for up to four days! It can also be warmed up and served over ice cream and brownies if you are really feeling spontaneous! If you test out our tried and true sweet cream recipe, post it on Instagram and don’t forget to tag us!