April 21, 2022

Upcycling Candle Jars: An Earth Day Project

Upcycling Candle Jars: An Earth Day Project - The Candleberry® Candle Company

We can’t think of a better way to show love to the environment this Earth Day than upcycling the candle jars of all of the scents you can’t help but burn so quickly! 

Whether you use these ideas for a small project in celebration of the planet we call home, or keep them in the back of your mind for another day… here are some crafty things you can create with your empty candle jars:

1. A Vase for Flowers

Upcycling candle jars into flower vase
Classic, right? But who doesn’t love a good flower vase. You can fill the 
jar with real or fake flowers - and add a little bit of Spring to the kitchen 
counter! You could even paint the jar to match the area you are decorating.

2. A Pencil Holder for Teachers 

Paint it with fun designs, decorate it with stickers, or just tie a ribbon or 
twine around the jar and it doubles as the perfect pencil holder for any teacher’s 
Note: If their classroom has a theme, that means you can get even more creative decorating the jar to match!

3. An Idea Jar 

Upcycling candle jar ideas
Write ideas onto small pieces of paper, curl or fold them up, and fill the jar 
full. These could be date night ideas, journal prompt ideas, day-time activity 
ideas, etc. When you need an idea - simply pull a piece of paper from the jar and let it decide your fate.

4. A Note Jar 

Instead of filling the jar with ideas, fill the jar with loving, encouraging or 
inspirational words to give as a gift to your significant other, teacher or friend! Tie a ribbon around the top to dress it up. 

5. Bathroom Storage

Upcycling candle jars for bathroom storage
You can keep anything in here that needs a home in your bathroom - whether that’s q-tips, cotton balls, makeup products or hair accessories.

6. A Small Planting Pot 

Add dirt to the empty jar and plant your own seedling. This could be a small plant or you can start an indoor herb garden!

7. A Candy Jar

Upcycle candle jars into candy jars

Okay, this one's for you just as much as it is for the kids! Fill it with your favorite candy for when your sweet tooth is calling out to you. If you want to avoid that temptation, fill the empty jars with ice cream toppings for an after dinner sundae.


8. Table Lanterns

Fill empty jars with battery-powered fairy lights and use them for outdoor mood lighting. Paint the lanterns to create different colored lighting, or keep the jar clear for a more natural ambience. 

Upcycling our used candle jars isn’t going to single-handedly preserve our beautiful planet, but it is a small step we can all take in helping to reduce waste… and have fun while doing so! Happy Earth Day!