August 10, 2022

Top 5 Fall Scents

Top 5 Fall Scents - The Candleberry® Candle Company
 From changing leaves to fond memories, autumn is definitely my favorite season. Who doesn't enjoy observing the leaves from the trees and plants as they start changing into multi-colored works of beautiful art before finally falling away?  The bare and vulnerable branches that are created soon reveal the true and beautiful scenery underneath. Everything about it is incredible.
Breezy days and comfortably chilly evenings make for a perfect time to cozy up in your space with a candle or even by a bonfire. There are many reasons why I love Fall and why I think it's the best season. Here are our TOP 5 BEST SELLING fragrances for Fall that you will absolutely "fall" in love with.

Year-round collection

  1. Hot Maple Toddy

Warm spirits dashed with lemon juice, clove honey, a dash of cinnamon and Candleberry's® top secret, special ingredient that makes this an absolutely explosive fragrance unduplicatable by any company in the world, combine to make an experience of utter happiness.  

2. Pumpkin Praline Waffle

Imagine it's a lazy weekend morning and you've just gone into the kitchen following the warm rich smells that fill the air. There's the smell of pumpkin, that rich pie smell, punctuated by sugared pecans. Together they make waffles that are waiting for the butter and the maple syrup and the start of a perfect day.

3. Tennessee Whiskey

Good old Tennessee Whiskey. Sister to Kentucky Bourbon, just not so many rules to follow as Bourbon. Candleberry's Tennessee Whiskey smells just like the real thing. While similar to Kentucky Bourbon, this candle adds a little more rugged flavor and spice.

4. Cranberry Crumb Cake

Deep, tart, juicy cranberries and crumbles. This scent is a super powerful, uplifting cranberry scent that may make your mouth water. But don't eat the candle!

5. Bourbon Roasted Pecans

A quaint aroma of sugared, Bourbon basted pecans caramelizing to a sweet, desert-worthy perfection. This fragrance is absolutely identical to the smell of real Bourbon roasted pecans at the Kentucky Bourbon Festival!

Seasonal Scents:

1. Fall Festival 
Fall Festival is a delicious trio of amazing fragrances that are particularly delightful during the fall months, featuring sweet potato pie, buttercream cake and candy apples.

2. Merry Christmas

Fill your entire house with the warming, nostalgic fragrance of sweet cinnamon, setting the stage for those wonderful life-lasting memories. It's exactly the fragrance you would expect for a scented candle that pictures Santa Claus! Merry Christmas is one of our fragrance designer's favorite holiday fragrances so you know it's great! It's also a great hostess gift for holiday parties.

3. Home For The Holidays

Three layers of yummy Pumpkin Fudge, creamy Baked Custard and delicious Ambrosia Cake. The ingredients say it all. Anyone would want to be home for that!

4. Amber Leaves

The crunch of fallen leaves can almost be heard as this fragrance fills the room. Apple cider mixes with bright citrus and clove bud to invigorate the senses as clearly and crisply as the season itself.

5. Christmas Tree

Everyone agreed on the perfect shape and just the right height and the thick, warm scent of the pine filled the air with the first chop of bark. Then the needles completely filled the room with their fragrance and hearts with memories from Christmases long ago.