May 18, 2021

Top 10 Ice Cream Toppings

Top 10 Ice Cream Toppings - The Candleberry® Candle Company

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! 

There’s nothing better than a cold, creamy ice cream on a hot day like today. As I am sitting at my desk I’m dreaming of laying by the pool with a big ole sundae like I’m a kid again!  Nowadays there's all different sorts of flavor combinations and additions to cartons of ice cream but let’s be real… What is ice cream without all the fixin's? Toppings are what MAKES the dessert, but the question is which toppings are the best? 


Hot Fudge

Hot Fudge Topping For Ice Cream

Hot fudge is a staple item when it comes to sundaes. It makes any flavor taste like gold. The warm, gooey sweetness is what makes this the holy grail of ice cream toppings.



Caramel Toppings For Ice Cream

If hot fudge isn’t your thing, caramel probably is. This is that subtle buttery taste that compliments all ice cream. Not too overpowering so a drizzle here and there is sure to take your treat to the next level. 


Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough topping for Ice Cream

This may not be something you have ever thought to add to your ice cream, but trust me when I say once you try it, it’ll never be the same without it. This sweet and chewy additive is the future of ice cream, especially because of how popular edible cookie dough is getting these days.


Whipped Cream

Yummy whipped cream topping for ice cream

Obviously!!! Whipped cream is the OG of toppings. This cool creamy additive is one of those “must haves”, have you ever heard the saying “you’re never fully dressed without a smile”? It’s kind of like that. 



Fruit Toppings for ice cream

You’re eating fruit, so it’s healthy.. Right? Sounds right to me :) Have fun mixing fruits like blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries into your ice-cream for a refreshing sweet and fruity flavor. I'd have to say my favorite fruit to mix in vanilla ice cream is blueberries! Mmmm... it's SO good! 



Nut assortment for Ice Cream

Nuts have always been a go to for me, especially almonds. That extra crunch and nutty flavor really ties together all of the sweetness of your ice cream and other toppings. 



Cereal Toppings for Ice Cream

Cereal has turned into more than the food you eat for a quick breakfast. Even big name ice cream companies like Ben & Jerry’s for example have incorporated cereal into their products, so that’s how you know this trend is legit. 


Melted Marshmallows

Melted Marshmallow Crème for ice cream toppings

Again, this may not be the first topping you think of but this is another one of those that changes the whole game. Especially if you are a s’mores lover, add hot fudge and crushed graham crackers and VOILA! S’mores sundae.



Yummy Pretty Sprinkles for ice  cream toppings

Sprinkles!!! This staple topping is what’s going to make your delicious treat picture perfect. The colorful sugar pieces really bring that “wow factor” to the attractiveness of your dessert. Snap a pic and enjoy!



Crumbled Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Topping Cookie and Cream

C’mon… cookies and cream is one of the most popular flavors out there. That chocolate cookie and creamy center mixed with the cold and creaminess of the ice cream is just simply perfection.

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If we missed your "go-to" topping for ice-cream, comment your favorite down below! We love to hear from our customers :)