March 12, 2019

The Land of Bourbon.

The Land of Bourbon. - The Candleberry® Candle Company

The good ol' Bluegrass state. What are we known for?

Bourbon, horses and UK basketball.

Nobody wants a candle that smells like a horse. If you do- keep that one to yourself.

(We also make a UK candle, but we'll get to that in a later post.)

But bourbon...ah yesss, bourbon! 

We put it in all kinds of food, desserts, and even medicines, so why not a candle? It hadn't been done yet. Plus living in Frankfort, where so many distilleries are located, how perfect is that?

Now, its time to put this idea in to play.

Picking out the fragrance notes of bourbon, for a good candle, required hours of dedication. Sitting with all different types of bourbon; smelling, sipping, making notes, some more smelling, and then lots of testing...

Enter our Kentucky Bourbon®. That baby is trademarked and sold in all kinds of bourbon distilleries such as: Wild Turkey, Jim Beam, Evan Williams, Jack Daniels, Buffalo Trace, Four Roses, Woodinville, Blanton's, Barton, Bourbon Heritage, Jeptha Creed, Barrel House, Justin's House of Bourbon, A. Smith Bowman, and Tarnish Truth Distillers. (Yep, had to name drop, because we are that awesome.)

You might be wondering, why on earth would I want that smell in my house? Aren't we supposed to try and hide the smell of alcohol on us? :) 

Our Kentucky Bourbon® is much more than the smell of liquor, there is a wonderful caramel, vanilla mix with a touch of seasoning used to age bourbon. It's a smell unlike any other candle, literally.

Still in the early stages of the company, the Kentucky Bourbon® fragrance was the fifth candle created in the back of The Gift Box. It sold like wildfire, more than any of the other scents. This led to more and more testing of different fragrances. If this is selling so well, then what else could be cooked up?

Drum Roll please.....

Hot Maple Toddy® was born.

Hot Maple Toddy® and Kentucky Bourbon® is what we are most known for and what we are proud to shout from the rooftops. Now, we have so so many other wonderful choices of fragrances to choose from it can get overwhelming on which one to try next. But make sure you don't forget the originals, the trademarked, the candles that have a category of their very own!  

Kentucky Bourbon Candle

Hot Maple Toddy Candle

With love

Cala Signature