February 04, 2021

The Bourbon Legends

The Bourbon Legends - The Candleberry® Candle Company

Here in Kentucky, we love our Bourbon!

A trip to the Bourbon Trail… is this on your bucket list?

In a world of famous Bourbons, one of Candleberry’s favorite and most sought-after brands is our Buffalo Trace candle.

It’s one of our top-selling sets of products!

The gorgeous, copper lidded Buffalo Trace®, Kentucky Bourbon® scented candle will bring a powerful aroma of the better side of Bourbon to any home.  The scent includes caramel, vanilla, and just a touch of seasoning from the barrels used to age bourbon.  
Not only do you need this beautiful candle in your home, but you should most defiantly check out Buffalo Trace Distillery if visiting Kentucky. The tour is interesting, it’s pet-friendly and you get to try several different liquors at the end.

CandleberryⓇ is pleased to have a role in building a growing number of iconic trademarks throughout the world! Most retailers know what great sellers CandleberryⓇ products are but did you know that Candleberry is of such legendary quality that the reputations of famous corporate American Brands are trusted to us alone! Bourbon & Whiskey distillers, including Wild Turkey, Jim Beam, Jack Daniels & Buffalo Trace, among many others, have commissioned candleberryⓇ to produces scented candles reflecting their brands in company gift stores, online and sold as cooperate gifts.