February 03, 2021

The Best Candle Made Must Be Candleberry’s Hot Maple Toddy®

The Best Candle Made Must Be Candleberry’s Hot Maple Toddy® - The Candleberry® Candle Company

Hot Maple Toddy®! It’s Legendary, it’s rich, and it’s satisfying!
The scent you ask? It’s a warm rich maple meets the syrupy sweetness of honey, with a slight, spicy nip of rum.
We describe Hot Maple Toddy ® as the Bourbon infused maple-honey concoction Grandma used to cure all ailments, in the days before medicine was readily available.  Warm spirits dashed with lemon juice, clove honey, a dash of cinnamon and Candleberry's®  top secret, special ingredient that makes this an absolutely explosive fragrance unduplicatable by any company in the world, combine to make an experience of utter happiness. 
We top-secretively blend the 7-8 different fragrances that make this top seller, in house, which is why, no matter what you see hear or read, you will never find this kind of amazing performance in a "maple toddy", "hot toddy", "Bourbon toddy", "spiced apple toddy", "toasty hot toddy" or any other version of the name other companies have attempt to use in duplication, that can possibly compete,  Although many have attempted none compare.  Experience the true, Hot Maple Toddy® for yourself, in our 26 oz jar candle.