February 12, 2021

Rainy Days with Candleberry

Rainy Days with Candleberry - The Candleberry® Candle Company

April showers may bring May flowers, but they also bring restless and bored kiddos when they aren’t able to go outside. Lucky for you we’ve got some fail proof rainy day hacks to keep you sane and your kiddos occupied! So light one of our Midnight Thunderstorm Candleberry candles, grab a cup of coffee, and keep scrolling to plan your day inside with your littles. 

Make A Scavenger Hunt

During naptime grab a few items to hide and a few notecards for “clues”. You can keep it simple with a few things hidden or make it extensive and an all day affair! Another way to make it fun for your family is for the hunt to have a theme! Does your kiddo love Frozen? Make it extra special by incorporating riddles or puzzles from the film, or play some of their favorite songs for an impromptu dance party!

Host A Speed Clean Contest

Need some help tidying up the house in record time? Make it a contest! Set the timer for 2 minutes, give each kiddos a basket to gather their things and go! The kiddo with the most items in their basket can win a treat or gets to pick their favorite book for bedtime that evening! Bonus, mom gets a picked up house. It’s a win, win! 

Build a Fort Under the Dining Room Table

Sometimes the imagination needs to take over and the blankets need to be busted out. Building forts is the ultimate saving grace on a rainy day. The options are endless once the fort is built!  You can have storytime, fight off imaginary dragons, or even have a picnic! 

Create Sensory Bins From Items in the Pantry

If your littles love to dig in the dirt, an indoor alternative would be creating sensory bins with items from your pantry and letting them dig through with some sandcastle toys! We love this homemade sand recipe here or you can use rice directly from your cabinet! 

Play Marching Band with Homemade Instruments

This idea may be our noisiest recommendation, but also our most fun! Gather the pots, pans, the spoons, and spatulas for a family jam. Make it even more fun by creating a band name, a “stage” and a routine to video and share with family for years to come!

Rainy days may seem like a drag and extra long inside. However as they say the days are long, but the years are short! Embrace the forts, the jam bands, and the mess for memories that will last a lifetime!