August 29, 2021

Lemon Essential Oil Uses

Lemon Essential Oil Uses - The Candleberry® Candle Company

Lemon essential oil is one of the most commonly used essential oils in aromatherapy. The oil is made by pressing a lemon peel and rotating it until the oils are released from the peel. This oil goes all the way back to hundreds of years ago, sailors would bring this on ship to prevent scurvy and help treat bacterial infections, nowadays lemon oil is used for a wide variety of things from cleaning products to skincare. In this entry I am going to let you know why lemon essential oil is such a must have.


Anti-inflammatory: Some of lemon essential oil’s compounds including β-caryophyllene, LIM, and linalool soothes inflammation. 

Eases Morning Sickness: One or two drops of lemon oil in a diffuser helps to soothe and relieve nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. A study shows that 40% of women have used this to treat their NVP.

Improves Cold Symptoms: Vitamin C!  Apply 1-6 drops to a tissue and inhale 3 times daily, this reduces mucus by a ton. Add peppermint oil to soothe cough and sore throat.

Kills Certain Bacteria: Lemon oil is one of the few essential oils that actually kill harmful bacteria that lives on the skin. It is shown to be effective against Staphylococcus aureus and E. coli.


Treats Acne: Effective in treating and preventing acne, when diluted and applied topically it can kill bacteria that gets trapped in your pores and causes breakouts. 

Bath Enhancer: Baths are a great way to use essential oils, the warmth of the water helps skin absorb the oil while inhaling the fragrance simultaneously. Lemon oil baths help reduce stress and anxiety.

Tones Skin & Brightens Skin: The oil contains high levels of vitamin C which effectively brightens your skin, it is also a natural and powerful toner. It lightens skin tone, discolorations from acne and acne scars. 

Fights Age: Lemon oil helps reduce damage caused by oxidation and also prevents sun damage that causes wrinkles. 


Surface Cleaner: Acts as a natural disinfectant for surfaces that also eliminates mold and achieves a streak-free shine. It is antiviral and antibacterial, attacking and dissolving any dirt that it comes in contact with. 

Cleans Wood: Works on both finished and unfinished wood furniture. It removes stains along with preventing cracks in your wood all while giving your furniture a nice, clean aroma. 

Dish & Mop Water Enhancer: Lemon oil is great for early stages of tarnish on silverware or other metals, also while mopping add a few drops to your mop water to create that clean, citrusy scent without all of the harmful chemicals or fragrances. 

Laundry: Unscented laundry detergent is becoming more and more popular due to the lack of harmful chemicals and skin-irritating perfumes within the product. Add A FEW drops of oil to your laundry for a clean and natural citrusy scent. 

As you can see there are endless uses to this holy grail of essential oils. This is just a short list of the many, many benefits. We have taken this into consideration here at Candleberry and created a candle that not only puts off that divine “clean house” smell but also distributes the essential oil in the air reducing stress and anxiety, helping with morning sickness and so much more. Renew, refresh and inspire your space and celebrate National Lemon Day accordingly with a 26 oz Lemongrass Essential Oil Candleberry Scented Candle.