March 05, 2019

Fun Facts.

Fun Facts. - The Candleberry® Candle Company

Family Owned. 

Location: Based and operated in Frankfort, Kentucky.

Sold: Online at, bourbon distilleries, Bush beans, wholesale stores, and all around the world. 

Top Seller: Hot Maple Toddy.

Very First Candle Created: Mulberry.

Candleberry's start began as a wishful thought:

Wouldn't it be great if there was a candle that had a strong scent until the very last drop? Wouldn't it be even better if that candle didn't produce soot all over the wall?

Year's ago, the Fowler's owned a set of stores around Kentucky known as "The Gift Box". The frustrations experienced by the candles they sold in those shops set the rest of the story into play.


In 1995, creating and testing of the ideal candle began in the back of The Gift Box. This quickly became a family affair. 

Keep in mind this was a time when the internet wasn't at the reach of our fingertips... There wasn't a DIY section accessible on Pinterest or a "just Google it" type of mindset. There was a dial 411 to get information needed to call certain wax or fragrance companies. (To be honest, I have no idea what this means or what that's like but hearing the story was so incredibly funny to me that I wanted to share.) 

Ta-da! The Fowler's had a brand new product. 

Selling the new and improved candles, at the time only in their stores, word began to spread. Customers would come to The Gift Box particularly for the candles. The typical "off" season with very little to no sales, was a thing of the past. 

While all of this was happening, one thing never changed. Retail stores from all over would stop in The Gift Box to see the latest and greatest interior design hacks that Mrs. Fowler was always creating. Being a 'trend setter' for the home decor sector turned out to be a blessing in more than one way. 

Other retail stores were seeing the success the Fowler's were having with their candles. Now, other stores are asking if they can sell these candles in their stores.

Through word of mouth, and one sales rep...

Just like that, Candleberry takes off! 

Yes, yes they are each brilliant in their own way, hardworking, and all-around wonderful people. 

But, what's extremely invaluable to this story is the loyal customer base the Fowler's created while running The Gift Box shops. If they had not been so respected in their community, this dream would never have taken off like it did. 


Hard work and character matter.

When you buy from, now much much bigger, The Candleberry Company you're supporting the dream and dedication of one of THE very best families. 

Newspaper cliping about start of Candleberry

Old school Hot Maple Toddy Candle design

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