December 07, 2023

BIG News for Cinnamon Broomstick Fans!

BIG News for Cinnamon Broomstick Fans!

Some time ago, we discontinued Cinnamon Broomstick—one of our favorite scents. Due to post-pandemic cinnamon crop inconsistencies, we no longer had confidence in the original Cinnamon Broomstick formula. The Candleberry family has since grieved the loss of this beloved fragrance.

However, after diligent research and testing, our team has crafted a cinnamon fragrance sure to become your next favorite! Cinnamon Noir has all the spice and sweetness we loved in Cinnamon Broomstick, with a slightly more masculine twist. 

For now, Cinnamon Noir is a seasonal scent. It'll be gone soon and won't return until August 2024. We'll be pulling enough Cinnamon Noir to enjoy throughout the year as we wait for its return. If you loved Cinnamon Broomstick, we know you'll feel the same way about Cinnamon Noir.  Make sure you stock up now!

We believe once you fall in love with Cinnamon Noir, it's certain to become one of your year-round favorites!