July 14, 2021

Beach Day Essentials

Beach Day Essentials - The Candleberry® Candle Company

Wake up, work, take care of kids, repeat. We all can get lost in the routine and forget that sometimes, we need a break. It’s time to call your boss, pack up and hit the road with a Candleberry Sea Salt & Surf Car Freshener hanging from your rearview to set the mood. BEACH TRIP!!! In this entry I am going to give you a list of everything you’ll need for a day at the beach because girlfriend, I know it’s been a minute.

  • Beach Bag👜
  • A super cute beach bag is the key to your beach trip. Who wants to lug around an arm full of towels and water bottles? Not me. Be sure to grab your Candleberry Tote Bag to get the job done not only the right way, but the stylish way!

  • Sunglasses😎
  • Sunglasses on the beach are a no brainer. With that blinding sunshine, you can’t get away without.

    Pro Tip: Darker pairs provide the best UV protection (and hides my makeup-less eyes, haha!).

  • Sunscreen🧴
  • If you’re like me, sunscreen is your BEST FRIEND. Especially with those beach rays, without it I would burn to a crisp. You need to make sure your sunscreen has both UVA and UVB protection and always reapply after getting in the water, or sweating. Keep your skin safe!

  • Hat👒
  • A hat is going to protect your face from the sun rays, cute floppy hats are always my way to go because they not only protect but they give you a stylish “oomph” as well. 

  • Insulated Water Bottle🚰
  • An insulated water bottle is going to be your lifesaver. There’s nothing worse than being in the hot sun, taking a huge gulp of your water and it's hot. Yuck! The insulation will keep your beverage cold for much longer. 

  • ID Cash & Insurance Card💸
  • I don’t recommend carrying a lot of cash on you but just enough for drinks or snacks if needed and always keep your ID and insurance card on you while on vacation in case of emergency. 

  • Homemade First-Aid Kit🩹
  • You aren’t going to need the huge standard first-aid kit unless you just want to be extra precautious. Essentially all you’ll really need is bandaids, first aid ointment, aloe, pain reliever and maybe some wet wipes.

  • A Good Book📖
  • Take a break from instagram, throw on your floppy hat and sunglasses and get lost in a book. Reading a good book while sunbathing and listening to the waves crash is the ultimate serenity. 

  • Leave In Conditioner💁
  • Sun exposure is already hard on your hair, but add salt water and wind to mix and you have a recipe for a hair disaster. To fight the frizz and dryness use a leave in conditioner, this will replenish nutrients to your hair and also work to prevent further damage. My go-to is the Miracle It's A 10 Leave-In Conditioner, it always does the job and leaves my hair smelling AMAZING!!! 

  • Room Spray💨
  • Let’s be honest, the hotels we book for vacation don’t always have that “5 star hotel” feel … or smell! Don’t suffer, be prepared. Pack along your Candleberry Room Spray to do the trick. This tip is also for all my fellow fair skinned friends, too much sun calls for aloe, Tylenol and bed rest. As much as this completely sucks, you can at least keep the beach vibes alive in your room with our Sea Salt & Surf spray. 

    Yup… that’ll do it! Pack up and get going. We’re so jealous, tag us in your beach trip pictures so we can enjoy your experience with you! 

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