The Candleberry Company® has developed a proprietary process that amplifies the fragrance of a candle, beyond what it is normally capable.  The Candleberry Company® Scented Candles will fill your home. Our company was founded on the basis of family – of celebrating the changing of seasons and memories together. Our candles reflect the traditions and gatherings of loved ones: special recipes, scents that fill our homes during the holidays, reflections and emotions, all of which mean so much more than just a scented candle. We’ve taken our time in finding scents that convey these feelings in a fragrance that will find a place in both your home and your heart.  Our number one selling fragrance, trademarked and absolutely unduplicatable: Hot Maple Toddy®

Kentucky Bourbon scented candles


Candleberry® has been producing our trademarked Kentucky Bourbon® candles for 20 years now.  We produce these candles for distilleries such as, Jim Beam, Buffalo Trace, Wild Turkey, Four Roses, Heaven Hill, and the list goes on.  We also produce a whiskey candle for Jack Daniel's. You can find those candles at any of the respective distilleries.  Recently, Candleberry® began manufacturing an enitre line of Jim Beam scented candles.  These candles include Jim Beam Honey, Jim Beam Maple, Jacob's Ghost, Red Stag Spiced by Jim Beam, Red Stag Hardcore Cider by Jim Beam, Red Stag Black Cherry by Jim beam and finally, Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey


Although scented candles have been around for many years, Candleberry® uses new fragrance technology to push the limits, bringing you scented candles that will fragrance, litterally, well over a thousand square feet in a home.  The first ones are the blockbuster scented candles that will actually fragrance 2,000 square feet and over: (The first, the original and the trademarked Hot Maple Toddy® scented candle (tests to fragrance 4,000 square feet), Praline Dreams scented candle (tests to fragrance up to 3,000 square feet), Apple Brown Betty scented candle (will fragrance over 2,000 square feet), Bourbon Roasted Pecans scented candle (reaches almost 4,000 square feet), Country Rain scented candle (tests to fragrance up to 3,000 square feet) Honey Buttered Rolls scented candle (will permiate well over 2,000 square feet), Wild Blackberries scented candle (will run you out of your house unless you are a big fan of blackberries) and finally, Lemongrass Essential Oil Scented Candle (one of our 100% real essential oil scented candles and reaches a fragrance zone of well over 2,000 square feet).


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Dreamin’ Of The Caribbean

Posted by lisav on June 09, 2014

Maybe you’re one of those fortunate folks who have traveled to the Caribbean region, taking in the natural beauty of tropical rainforests, pristine beaches and colorful reefs. If so, you were not among the lucky few – you were among the lucky many! More than 25 million people visited the Caribbean in 2013, according to United Nations World Tourism Organization statistics.

When we speak of “The Caribbean,” we are referring to a region of the world that consists of the Caribbean Sea and all of the islands within it – more than 7,000 of them – as well as the countries bordering the sea. The entire region covers more than one million square miles and has a population of more than 36 million. Some of the Caribbean islands are independent countries – like Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica and others. Others are territories of foreign countries – such as Aruba (Netherlands), Puerto Rico (USA), and the Turks and Caicos (United Kingdom).

The vast majority of Caribbean visitors arrive by cruise ship.  Of the approximately 25 million visitors in 2013, 21.9 million were cruise passengers.  The most popular Caribbean cruise destinations are the Bahamas, Cozumel (Mexico), the U.S. Virgin Islands, and St. Maarten.  The average cruise passenger spends about $100 on shore, so the cruise ships are welcome and major contributors to the area’s economy. 

Agricultural exports also drive the region’s economy.  Did you know that Grenada is the second biggest exporter of nutmeg in the world?  Banana and sugar production employ large numbers of islanders.  Some say the region is one of the largest untapped mineral resources in the world – gold, copper, nickel, cobalt, and bauxite. 

When you dream of visiting the Caribbean, do you long for a fascinating scuba dive, a thrilling zip-line tour of the rain forests, an extraordinary swim with sea turtles, or an afternoon lounging on a white sand beach with chilled beverage in hand?  Whatever your pleasure, and whether you say CaRIBbean or CaribBEan, Candleberry’s Caribbean Cheesecake Candle will spark your imagination with scents of tropical fruits and rum.