Vanilla Cream Avalanche, 12 Hour Scented Votive Candles

An amazing and very unusual, powerfully carrying,, creamy vanilla liqueur. This fragrance delights the senses with the aroma of spicy bread and satiny sweet blast of creamy vanilla-frosted rice pudding, finishing with a soft lingering of decadent cinnamon raisin cake.


Candleberry creates all products with the intention of filling spaces with powerful fragrance.  For this reason, your votive candles will burn brightly and completely to the edge.  Always burn Candleberry Candles in a container big enough to contain overflow.  Candleberry Votives should be burned in a votive (glass, ceramic or other non-flammable material intended for votive burning) which can be found at most local markets.  Burning outside of a container will result in overflow and loss of burn- time. 


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