Reusable Beer Glass Candles

Grapes & Grains - Craft Beer, 10 oz Beer Glass Candle

$12.50 $19.99

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The fragrance of Craft Beer™ by Candleberry®, is a unique and authentically beer-brewed fragrance that consists of all the nuances of genuine, frothy craft beer found in the ever-increasing in popularity micro-breweries across the nation.

Our mission is to create the same candle uniqueness and quality that you would find in a meticulously brewed, craft beer.  Burn this lovely two-layered candle as the centerpiece to your entertainment table or as a show-piece in the "man cave" or office of the house.  Once burned, clean thoroughly and enjoy the added value of a gorgeous Candleberry® branded glass! 

Put on display, this candle resembles a medium to light beer with froth.