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NOUVEAU - Mulberry Aura™, Large Jar Candle

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Deep Violet, sun dried plums, aromatic cassia and only a hint of Madagascar vanilla make this fragrance just like a beautifully blended perfume.  If fragrance had a color this one would be the softest uplifting purple.

THE ARTIST: Gustav Klimt

THE PAINTING: The Virgins, 1913: The artist moves from a "Femme Fatale" period to a "youthful sensuality" period.  This transitional state comes across every aspect of the painting. The innocent virgins in peaceful sleep or eternal sleep; passionate color against porcelain skin; abstract shapes and ideas against realistic parts and subjects;   sweet dreams or something else? In 1914, just one year after the painting was dry, a price of 20,000 crowns was negotiated by Baron F. Wiesner, In today’s market, that would be equivalent to $592,622.00. What would that sell for108 years later? Our guess? Priceless.

Product Details

Burn Time: 135-155 hours

Wax Info: Soy Blend

Wicks: Single wick - 100% lead-free

Produced: Proudly Made in the USA

Formula: Made with Advanced Fragrance Technology, Highly Scented, Clean burning

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