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Grapes & Grains - Voodoo Juice, 9 oz Wine Glass Candle

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Fine wine is a labor of love as is our wine glass fragrance selection.  In this glass, we offer a selection of Candleberry®-worthy fragrances to enjoy.  Once burned, wash thoroughly for the added value of a gorgeous wine glass.  Collect 6-8 to share with friends and family.  This collection will become a conversation starter for your gatherings.  

The Fragrance
Craft beverages are no longer a thing of spirited drinks.  The ever-growing popularity of the interestingly crafted drink has become a crowd favorite of beloved downtown and mainstream cafes.  Candleberry's® Voodoo Juice, Wine Glass fragrance is a spicy fruity, very berry fragrance that is wildly popular during the fall when it's only in season for one month in the main Candleberry line.  But you can get it year-round in this beautiful glass!  It is certainly one of our most powerful fragrances.  Start collecting yours today!