American Pie™, 160 oz. Jar, Scented Candle

Only for a few short months do we pour this scrumptious three layered slice of heaven.  Enjoy three different scents, as one melts in the the next, filling your entire home with dream Hot Apple Pie, Pecan Pie, Blueberry Pie and those in-between fragrance blends as the layers change from one to the next.  This candle is a perfect gift during the patriotic, American holidays and an absolute gem for your Fourth of July party.  This one is even great for your outdoor events.  It's so powerful, it will fill your yourd with fragrance and deter the bugs!  (fyi - all strong candle fragrances keep the bugs away!).

Once these are gone you'll have to wait until next year... so get your GIANT tri-scented American Pie candle today!

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