June 04, 2021

Why You Should Nap Daily

Why You Should Nap Daily

Do you ever feel so exhausted and have the urge to take a nap? But you feel like napping would mean you’re quitting or being lazy? Well, studies have shown that Napping isn't just for babies. Studies show that an afternoon nap is great for adults, too! There's no need to feel lazy for indulging in daytime sleep. A nap as short as 10 minutes in the mid-afternoon can really benefit you! But keep your nap to 40 minutes or less so you don’t wake up feeling more tired. Read on to see how naps can benefit you….

Need help falling asleep? Follow these tips for a perfect nap:

  • Comfort is key. Make sure you’re napping environment is quiet and comfortable. It should also be dark, and the room should be at a comfortable temperature. I personally love a colder room with warm blankets and 2 to 3 pillows.
  • The shorter, the better. A good power nap should last between 10 to 20 minutes. If you need more time, still avoid sleeping for over an hour during the day. The longer the nap, the more tired you will feel afterwards.
  • Early afternoon is the best time to nap. Aim for a time between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. Naps taken after this time frame could disrupt your nightly sleep.
  • Cut out distractions and stress by leaving work and phones out of the bedroom or put your phone on sleep mode.
  • Keep clutter out of sight and don't stress about cleaning when you're trying to relax.
  • Create a relaxing environment with fragrance! Our Candleberry® Simmering Cake Tart Wax Melts and our Wax melt warmer (with timer) are perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere. Try Wax Melts with Fragrance notes like lavender and cedarwood to create a beautifully soothing environment. We recommend Carolina Sugar Cane MistFresh Lavender, and Bamboo & Linen for a peaceful rest.Relax with Carolina Sugar Cane Mist. The Best Candle
  • Set aside your worries: Ruminating on sources of stress will keep you awake. Free your mind and set your thoughts aside.
  • Reflect on why you’re napping: Think about what you hope to gain from your nap. When you set intentions, you can plan your nap around those goals.

Naps can

  • Increase in alertness
  • Improve your memory
  • Boost your mood
  • Improve performance
  • and reduce tiredness.


Sleep Good, Feel Better