September 20, 2021

Tailgate 101

Tailgate 101


If there is one tradition that any sports fan loves, it’s tailgating. Fans are arriving at the parking lot early on game day, firing up the grill, cracking open a couple of cold ones, and just creating a great experience for yourself and everyone around you. So if you have been invited to a tailgate and you don’t know what to expect, I am here to help!


What to do at a tailgate

1. Grill, Eat Good Food & Drink Good Beer.

A tailgate is not complete without some grilled food and some cold beer. Most people will bring their grill to the tailgate and get down to business! If you aren’t one of these people, make sure to bring some game day snacks such as finger sandwiches, wings, and different dips. Another exciting thing is the ridiculous amount of alcoholic beverages available. Bring your favorite selection, share, and make some friends!


2. Set Up Drinking Games.

Nothing excites a sports fan more than a healthy competition. Set up a game of cornhole, beer pong, or flip the cup and let the fun begin! Games are sure to draw a crowd and are a great way to meet new people!


3. Get Decked Out With Team Accessories.

Bring out your creative side and go crazy with your team colors. Throw on a wacky outfit or a jersey and some jeans and show some team spirit! I love tailgating because you look around, and everyone is dressed in the same colors. It’s like a sea of loyalty, and it excites you even more for the game.


4. Network.

Along with making friends, you can make great connections! While tailgating, much of the initial talk will revolve around the team and your shared love for the sport, but chances are the conversation will run dry; this is an excellent opportunity to talk business and see what connections you may be able to make. 


5. Create Memories.

So much fun and so many incredible people surround you. Everybody’s in their game day attire, ready to cheer on their team, enjoy the laughter and the good food and make it a day you’ll remember forever.

Now you’re prepared. Enjoy the game day experience!
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