February 25, 2021

Straight from Magnolia Table

Straight from Magnolia Table

Spring of 2020 brought a lot of unexpected surprises... both good and bad. Our “new” for the spring included the introduction of our Lemon Lavender Angel Food fragrance. 

Did you know: This delicious, unique fragrance was inspired by the one and only Joanna Gaines!  

Let’s be real, who doesn’t want to be like Joanna? She literally can do anything while having like 5 kids and a hot husband. A serious inspiration to women everywhere.



Straight from her newest cookbook, “Magnolia Table”, is a recipe for Lemon Lavender Icebox Cookies. Within the first week of release, Joanna hit a record, for cookbooks, by selling more than 169 K copies. This hot seller continues to fly off the shelf. As does our Lemon Lavender Angel Food Cake candle that was inspired by her recipe. 



Lemon Lavender Icebox cookies sound totally delicious, yet it is completely different from other cookies. If Joanna thought this recipe was worth printing in one of her infamous cookbooks, then it was a must for Candleberry’s spring collection. 

Just the right mix or recipe, if you will, (see what I did there 😊) brought us the perfection that is our Lemon Lavender Angel Food Cake candle. 

This candle is just what you may be missing in your life.