March 19, 2019

Life Changing Products. --> Potty Talk.

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Life Changing Products. --> Potty Talk.

How many times have you walked into the restroom at work, or anywhere, and thought ‘my gosh it smells wonderful in here’?

First off, ewe.

Second, never.

Third, wondering where I’m going with this?

In an effort to not sound too salesy, let me take a minute and tell you about our Pumpkin Praline Waffles room spray because, in my opinion, it is a true work of art. 

Plate of Pumpkin Praline Waffles

In the front of Candleberry, we have a one stall women’s restroom and a one stall men’s restroom. As you can imagine our throne room sees a lot of action.

While sitting at my desk, crossing my legs, patiently waiting on another staff member to hurry up with their business, you can’t help but dread going into the restroom after them. They’ve been in there for days....(hopefully just playing on FB?) but, you know what’s going on in there and want no part of it.

Let me introduce you to your next bestie: Pumpkin Praline Waffles room spray.

If there was ever a product testimonial that needed to be made, it is this one my friends!

When walking into the bathroom, you can only smell the deliciousness of that sweet buttery aroma of praline. Not one trace of any other unwelcomed smell. Not one. There is no evidence of “trying” to cover anything up.

I’ve tried all different types of room spray that claim to mask stench.

Reality check: most smell like the stench you want covered up mixed with some sort of fragrance. It helps, but doesn’t solve your problem.

This spray can be used anywhere in the home, office, or bathroom. It’s the ideal candidate to cover up any unwanted smells, or strong enough to fill the entire house before company comes to visit.

One spritz of this spray will be sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone!

 Assorted Pumpkin Praline Waffle scented products

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