September 12, 2021

Introducing… Dark Forest

Introducing… Dark Forest

Have you heard of the "Redwoods" in California? This forest contains multiple locations and is best known for being the home of the tallest trees on earth, not to mention its beauty! Since we were so intrigued by the redwood forests' beauty, we had to capture a fragrance to go with its beauty. 


Here's what you can expect to smell when burning our New 2021 Fall Fragrance, Dark Forest: Peach and apple juices surround warming amber. A dark arrangement of rustic nuances adds to a spice element. Eucalyptus branches and first trails are added to misted musk for a dark impression.  


Are you interested to know more about this beautiful National Park? Keep reading.


Redwoods park protects vast prairies, oak woodlands, wild rivers, and 40 miles of rugged coastline. Four campgrounds are open year-round: Jedediah Smith Campground, Prairie Creek Campground, Gold Bluffs Beach Campground, and Mill Creek Campground. Summer is the best time to visit due to the low rainfall and warm weather, but there are a handful of parks and monuments you can go to see or hike through the redwoods. 


Muir Woods State Park:

  • 20 Kilometers from San Francisco
  • Most accessible and most visited (arrive in the early morning to find a parking spot)

Big Basin Redwood State Park:

  • 128 kilometers of trails
  • Many unique waterfalls
  • Various camping options

Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park:

  • Smaller (only 24 kilometers of hiking trails)
  • Self-guided Redwoods Grove Trails that weave through 91 meter tall old-growth virgin redwoods

Humboldt Redwoods State Park:

  • World's largest remaining contiguous old-growth forest
  • Scenic Highway including three trees you can drive through

Montgomery Woods State National Reserve:

  • Smaller, more remote
  • One of the tallest trees is here, measuring more than 106 meters tall

Hendy Woods State Park:

  • Noticeably warmer and less foggy
  • 32-hectare redwood grove 
  • Number of picnicking sites

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park:

  • Known for being one of the best state parks in Big Sur across the Pacific highway
  • It offers views of the redwood grove and the Pacific ocean

Fun Facts:

  • Did you know the outer bark of a pine protects the tree from elements - from scorching by the sun or drying by the wind? The textured cracks also provide excellent habitat for insects and spiders.
  • The texture of pine needles helps trees survive in dry climates. Their exceedingly narrow form reduces the surface area exposed to dehydration, and the waxy coating provides a barrier to water loss.

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What are some of your favorite National Parks you've visited?  

Maybe we can capture a memory for you in a fragrance :)