September 10, 2021

Grandparents Day Gift Ideas

Grandparents Day Gift Ideas

Grandparents are so special for so many reasons, they fill our hearts with love, our minds with knowledge and our bellies with delicious food! Always there to lend a hand, a word of encouragement and most importantly… They are there to tell us yes when momma tells us no!  But today is their day to feel special. Now, you could run to the mall and find a piece of clothing or a nic nac from “the kids” or you all could make something with just as much love as they show us. Here are some ideas…

Here at Candleberry we are OBSESSED with reusing our old candle jars, one day it’s an amazing smelling candle filling your house with deliciousness and the next it’s pretty much anything you want it to be! You. Can’t. Lose. 


1. Customized Floral Bouquet

All you need is paint, tape, a piece of paper and some fake flowers. 

-First clean any remaining wax out of your jar and remove the front label (see blog “How To Remove Wax Out Of Jars”).

-Next cut a circle or a funky shape out of your piece of paper and tape it on the face of your jar.

-Paint your jar, you can paint it a solid color or any design you desire, let it dry.

-When it is completely dry remove the paper that you taped on the jar prior to painting.

-Using tape create a checkered pattern on the opening of your jar. 

-Tape a picture of the kids on the inside of the jar where your paper was taped.

-Add your flowers in the holes of the checkered pattern (the tape) and you’re done!

Grandparents day gift
2. Succulent In A Jar

You will need a small amount of sand, a small amount of soil, rocks or marbles and a small succulent.

-First you need to clean out the remaining wax in your jar and remove the label. (We used a 10 oz small jar).

-Next, put about a half inch to an inch of sand in the jar.

-Add some rocks, marbles or shells!

-Then you’ll add enough soil to fill up your jar and plant your succulent in it.

-Wrap some twine or ribbon around the neck of the jar for decoration, and you’re done!

grandparents day presents
3. 100 Reasons Why I Love You

All you will need for this one is supplies to decorate your jar however you want to, some paper, glue/tape and some markers.

-Clean out any wax and remove the label.

-Decorate your jar as desired.

-Write 100 things about your grandparents that make them so special to you (simple things matter just as much)!

-Stuff them in your jar and you’re done.

grandparents day presents


Any one of these options are sure to warm your grandparents’ hearts because they’re made with love and thought. If you try any of these, share the love and post a pic and tag us on Instagram or Facebook


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