July 20, 2021

Family Reunion 101

Family Reunion 101:👪
“Other things may change us, but we start and end with family.” -Anthony Brandt 
So true, and often forgotten. Sometimes we forget what is truly important, family. July is “Family Reunion Month” which isn't surprising at all because the weather is nice, the kids are out of school, and families are more capable of gathering during this time.
A hundred years ago families were more likely to stay in the same area because travel wasn’t as easy or accessible but in current time, the other side of the country is at your fingertips, the world is your oyster and because of this society seems to focus on more materialistic things rather than what really matters. While having a big house, a nice car and a great job are all amazing things, they aren’t going to be there for you when life gets hard and July is here to remind us of that.  
Planning a family reunion can be stressful which is why a lot of families don’t have them, but today I am going to teach you how to host a stress free, easy, and fun family reunion.


First things first, find a location. You can either have it at your house or if you want to avoid a mess you can rent out a local recreational center, if you choose to do this make sure to book one that provides tables and chairs.

Second, invite everyone! Technology has made this super easy, for the quickest and most efficient RSVP’s make a Facebook group with all of your family members. Title it your family reunion name and stay informed with who’s coming and what they’re bringing, which brings me to my next step…

Food! To avoid being trapped in the kitchen all day, have each “nuclear family” (meaning mom, dad and their children) bring an entrée, side dish or dessert. In your Facebook group everyone can communicate what they are bringing to avoid duplicating dishes. 

  • Side Note: If you want to impress, bring a 32 oz Tortuga KY Bourbon Butter Cake from Candleberry. This mouth watering dessert is sure to create some chatter.🤤


Next you will need to plan some activities. Make sure you have something for both adults and kids to do. Here are some fun ideas:

  • Egg toss
  • Corn Hole
  • Water Balloon Fight
  • Foot Races
  • “Who’s Who” Baby Picture Game
  • Dodgeball
  • Kickball

    Candleberry CarGo are the perfect party favor or game prizes, this will ensure your family can have an enjoyable ride home (no one likes when their leftover plates smells up the car), popular scents are Black Cashmere, Frosted Blueberry Donuts, Hot Maple Toddy & Vanilla Crumb Cake. Another good one would be our Room Sprays, these can be used at home or in the car as well, I actually prefer to keep one in my car rather than a CarGo because a spritz goes a long way so it lasts me FOREVER! Pair them together and be the star of the reunion. (And trust me, people will remember this come Christmas time. 😉)
    room spray car freshener

    Family Reunion T-Shirts are a great way to mark the occasion. You can either order these beforehand to be worn the day of, or make it an activity and tie dye shirts together to create even more memories. If you choose to order them, each nuclear family should have matching shirts. We found a website called customizedgirl.com that has a whole section of family reunion shirts that are SO CUTE!!! We will definitely be ordering my next family reunion. Here are some examples of styles she offers:

    This is pretty much everything you will need for a bomb friendly reunion! Get back to the basics and enjoy conversation and laughter in a room full of love.

    family reunion