August 09, 2021

Back 2 School Teacher Gift Ideas

Back 2 School Teacher Gift Ideas

“A good teacher is like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way for others.”

 - Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

After a year of virtual learning, working from home and adjusting to life in a pandemic you may find yourself lost as the school year is approaching. I mean goodness, last year you and your child were sharing pens and highlighters while just the top halves of you were dressed. Now all of a sudden you are drowning in lists - school supplies, school clothes, meal plans, teacher gifts and on and on. As parents and guardians, we are provided a supply list, we know what clothes our kids’ like but teacher gifts… that's where it gets tricky. “What’s the best gift for my child's teacher?” A gift that makes them feel special and so appreciated?  In this blog I am going to give you some super cute ideas on how to put together the BEST gift basket for Teachers and the key to making those teachers smile and helping them start the year off right.

Option 1: “The Coffee Basket”

Teachers + Coffee = 💘

We all need that morning jolt of energy including our teachers. And let’s be real, Teachers are so much more than just teachers - they are a mom, a nurse for when your child gets a “boo boo”, a mentor for when your child needs a boost of encouragement, a counselor for when your child isn’t having the best day and an educator... for 20 plus kids. Just thinking about it is exhausting right? Caffeine is definitely the way to go when gifting these superhero teachers. Trust me.

Oh! And don’t forget to Include this note with your gift: “May your coffee be strong, and your students be calm. Thank you for all you do!

(Basket contains: Coffee beans, cinnamon dolce coffee creamer or syrup, stylish mug & a 26 oz Cinnaswirl Latte Candleberry Scented Candle.)

teacher gift

Option 2: “The Apple Basket”

“An apple a day keeps the doctors away.”

 For years students have been bringing an apple as a gift for their teacher but let’s take it to the next level, shall we? The Big Juicy Red Apple! But here’s what’s awesome. Candleberry has perfected the big red,  juicy, freshly sliced apple scent and put it in a candle. The fragrance is called Juicy Macintosh. How about instead of an actual apple (or include a real apple as well) we are going to use an apple scented candle so she/he can enjoy their apple for months.

Include this note: “The fruit of hard work is the sweetest.”

(Basket contains: Pencil bag, a cup with a teacher saying on it, a planner, a 26 oz Juicy Macintosh Candleberry Scented Candle and a Juicy Macintosh Candleberry CarGo.)


teacher gift


Option 3: “The Calming Basket”

Everyone loves some “me time”. One thing teachers probably aren’t too excited about is that overwhelming feeling as they are drowning in papers to grade. I remember overhearing my teachers complaining about this while I was in school, and I’m sure nothing has changed lol, I couldn’t help but feel kind of bad for them. Lavender is known to be commonly used for anxiety, stress, and insomnia. It helps you relax your mind, body and soul, so let’s fill our teachers home with the most beautiful, relaxing lavender fragrance. Candleberry’s Fresh Lavender candle.  This basket is to remind your teacher to relax, take a deep breath or two, or maybe three and wind down after a long day.

Include this note: “Success is often a matter of knowing when to relax.”

(Basket contains: Lavender sprigs, a calming lavender lotion, a lavender bath bomb, extra smooth pens for grading and a 26 oz Fresh Lavender Candleberry Scented Candle.)

teacher gift


Option 4: “The Cookie Basket”

Cookies are a known comfort food and who doesn’t need a little extra comfort? 

Encourage your teachers to indulge in their cravings by providing them with the supplies for a baking night. 

Make sure that buttery and crumbly, covered in sugar and dusted with just a little warm, sweet spice fragrance stays around with Candlebery’s Harvest Sugar Cookie Candle. And if you love decadent, bakery scents, buy one for yourself too ;) you won’t regret it. 

Include this note: “Thank you for making me one smart cookie.

(Basket contains: Sugar cookie mix, oven mitt, silicone spatula, a 26 oz Harvest Sugar Cookie Candleberry Scented Candle, and a 6 oz Harvest Sugar Cookie Room Spray.)


teacher gift


Any one of these options are sure to wow your teacher and a good way to start the year off right. Happy teachers and happy students, the perfect pair.