April 13, 2021

6 Types of Moms You Definitely Know

6 Types of Moms You Definitely Know

Mother's Day is May 9th! Spoil her with The Best Mother's Day gift!

Becoming a mother is one of the most rewarding things, yet it can also be challenging. It's like joining a club where everyone seems to instinctively understand sleep deprivation and the seasons of parenting :)

As Mother’s, we all wear many different hats. Some of us are super-organized, have it all together and then some of us are wondering what day of the week it is and if our kids put on underwear this morning before rushing out the door…

With Mother’s Day coming up, we’ve got the perfect gift for your amazing one-of-a-kind Mom & Mom friends! Here, you’ll find a fragrance every Mom can relate to, relax and unwind in her very own sanctuary.


Mother's Day Gift_ The Zen Mom


She is so calm, and her voice is so controlled that moms in her presence feel their blood pressure go down just listening to her talk. Though she has children just like the rest of us, she’s in touch with her inner goddess and able to keep her emotions in check. She doesn’t live in shame and regret. She just gets her Zen on and keeps moving.

Candle Scents Zen Mom will LOVE: Bluegrass Hemp, Papaya Cilantro, Fresh Lavender, Fresh Water Springs



Workout clothes are her uniform. She has guns, the kind on the biceps that we ALL want. She is on routine and her schedule revolves around when she is going to be working out next, and her tricked out stroller that has wheels like a Jeep is perfect protection for her little one while she runs for miles. 

Candle Scents Workout Mom will LOVE: Lemongrass Essential Oil , Bamboo & Linen , Carolina Sugar Cane Mist


Mothers Day Gift_ Hot Mess Mom


I think we can all relate to this at some point in our lives…. Her go-to meals are from the freezer or the drive through. She’s not sure the last time she showered It could have been yesterday, but it was probably Monday. But which Monday? And what month is it? In all honesty, you probably have the time to squeeze in a shower most mornings, but you’d rather hit the snooze button and steal 15 extra minutes of glorious sleep. Besides, every mom knows the minute you disrobe and step one foot into the shower, your kids will suddenly appear out of nowhere asking you for snacks. So instead, you sprinkle a generous amount of dry shampoo on your unwashed hair, scrub a diaper wipe on the important parts of your body, and maybe even spritz a little perfume to give the illusion that you have your life together. She’s wearing clothes she picked up off the closet floor. Because who actually has time to do laundry for themselves when they’re busy doing laundry for an entire household of people who go through clothes faster than you can say, “I hate laundry.” She shows up fashionably late to everything. Everyone who knows her knows that “I’m on my way” is really code for: “I don’t have pants on yet. She forgets everything until last minute. She wears workout clothes but never actually makes it to the gym. She requires multiple cups of coffee a day for survival. 

Candle Scents Hot Mess Mom will LOVE: Cinnaswirl Latte, Praline Dreams , Honey Pecan Rum Cake, Cinnamon Rum Bananas, Vanilla Crumb Cake, Hot Maple Toddy




This mom is an easygoing, accepting, gentle, and pacifist. She provides a warm, stable home without drama and is supportive of her family.

Candle Scents Peacemaker Mom will LOVE: Hot Maple Toddy, Warm Caramel Brulee,  Apple Brown Betty, Frosted Blueberry Donuts, Cranberry Crumb Cake 


Mothers Day Gift_Wine Mom


She’s always up for a glass of wine, to relax.  Some moms claim this is the only way they can sit around and have a drink with girlfriends during this phase of life. In moderation, the wine/playdate combination has become acceptable, but it’s important for wine moms to know their limits. 

Candle Scents Wine Mom will LOVE: Grapes & Grains - Blackberry 9 oz Wine Glass Candle , Grapes & Grains Margarita - 9 oz Wine Glass Candle


Mother Day Gift_Moms who like Bourbon


She is the mom who makes being a mom look cool. She didn’t trade her style in for mom jeans. She is pretty laid back. She’s not likely to freak out every single time her kid spikes a fever or scrapes a knee. She let her kids play and dirt while she stays at a distance. She’s a bit of a spoiler but in moderation.

Candle Scents Bourbon Mom will LOVE: Kentucky Bourbon, Jim Beam Honey, Bourbon Roasted Pecans, Grapes & Grains Tennessee Whiskey rocks glass candle, Buffalo Trace Bourbon candle