July 15, 2021

5 Ways To Uniquely Display Your Candles

5 Ways To Uniquely Display Your Candles

We absolutely LOVE seeing all the different ways You, our customers and loyal fans display your Candleberry Candles. Here’s a few of our favorites below. 

  • Stacked Books 
stacked books
This is simple and so pretty. Stack some books and place your candle on top. Super simple and super chic, bonus points for color coordination!!
  • Vanity Tray 
vanity tray
This option is probably my favorite because you can be creative and make it YOU! Add fresh flowers, succulents, or even stones if you want a more earthy vibe - again, bonus points for color coordination! Take it to the next level and use a mirrored tray to create a more elegant feel.

  • White Candles & A Table Wreath 

This is another favorite, it is so simple yet definitely eye catching. The white and green compliment each other so well creating a classy centerpiece approved by mother nature. (Eucalyptus is well-loved for generating a relaxing mood, pair that with a Crema Di Lavanda UnEarthed candle from our luxury line and BOOM! Pure bliss.) 


  • Driftwood & Wine Glass Candles 

I saw this on Pinterest and fell IN LOVE! Their idea was to pair a piece of driftwood with a trio of candles but why not take it to the next level with our 10 oz Wine or Beer Glass candles? I feel these glasses bring it from boho to bo-WOAH!!! How cute, right?!  

  • Mason Jar or Wine Bottle Display
wine jar

You can either display these on a table or hang them up, whether that be out in the trees or from a hook in your living room, both of these styles are sure to turn some heads and definitely get a conversation started. Both of these require votives, if you are like me and don’t feel safe actually lighting these but still love the idea you can order a pack of LED fairy lights from amazon, throw those in with the votives and you are sure to impress. 


Any of these styles are going to add some pizazz to any of your rooms, we offer all candles associated with them so head over to www.Candleberry.com and get started! 

We’d love for you to share your ideas and displays with us. Tag us @candleberrycandles on Facebook and Instagram. We can’t wait to be inspired by you!